Artist Jeremy Penn opens "La Petite Mort" in NYC

Jeremy Penn's Latest Exhibition "La Petite Mort" Opens at Galleria Ca' d'Oro in Chelsea

"Womb" by Jeremy Penn

About the Show

Jeremy Penn's work explores the dichotomies in suggested dialogues between men and women. He expresses these powerful tensions through his bold use of color, mixed media, and text. In his current exhibition "La Petite Mort" which will be on view at the Galleria Ca’ d'Oro in Chelsea from October 20th through November 18th, Penn breaks the taboo of self indulgence and captures the sacred moments, mostly of women, discovering their bodies and the acceptance to seek and find pleasure outside the stigma of the female solely being a reproductive vessel. After being inspired by many forms of literature and sociological studies, he has developed a series that exudes a sophisticated interpretation of this blissful absentmindedness. 

Galleria Ca’ d’Oro 529 W 20th Street 9th Floor
New York, NY 10011