Penn exhibits "The Beauty in the Breakdown" in Toronto Art Gallery

Jeremy Penn exhibits his latest series at Coldstream Fine Art in Toronto, Ontario

Almost two years after the success of Penn's exhibition "Vice & Virtue", Coldstream Fine Art is bringing him back to exhibit his latest art series "The Beauty in the Breakdown".

Love | Lust by Jeremy Penn

The Beauty in the Breakdown

What is love? This fundamental question has engaged humans for centuries, sparking debate and dividing opinion. Some say it’s merely a neurological condition; others believe it’s a more spiritual state of being. What’s undeniable is the power of love, and its ability to inflict both great pleasure and terrible pain. Jeremy’s latest artworks explore the darker side of the emotion: the addictive nature of being in love with someone, and craving love in return.

Love addiction may sound like a modern concept, but it’s been around for centuries. Sometimes called the Romeo complex, it is a paradoxical, occasionally destructive condition. Humans yearn for physical and emotional intimacy without understanding what drives this desire, and in doing so, lose touch with what love really is.

The Beauty in the Breakdown is one of Jeremy’s most personal collections to date, a sensitive reflection on what it means to lose (and rediscover) yourself. Though artists are often perceived as invincible, Jeremy’s work demonstrates that creativity can be vulnerable, and is often affected by loss of self-worth and purpose, brought about by destructive relationships. 

Me Me Me by Jeremy Penn

After a period of withdrawal from love addiction, unable to paint, Jeremy gradually broke through the lens of limerence, creating powerful art that blends modernity with affirmative wording. The collection represents the artist’s journey from a dark, lonely place to one of empowerment and positivity. Through the use of reflective surfaces, the viewer is encouraged to actively participate in the artwork, to question their own attitudes and values, and to reflect on the nature of love, on a deeper, more meaningful level.

"The Beauty in the Breakdown" will be on exhibition at Coldstream Fine Art through October 21st, 2017. Coldstream Fine Art is located at 80 Spadina Avenue Suite 208, Toronto, Ontario