Artist Jeremy Penn

24"h x 24"w

Mirror-polished Stainless Steel, Spray Paint, and Collage on Panel


The most recent collection aptly titled, Evolution & The Ego by New York-based Artist, Jeremy Penn, will be exhibited at the Scope Fair during Miami Basel this December 2014. This is a captivating group of work that has become a complete turning point in Penn's career. Jeremy is passionately intrigued by the role sex plays in shaping the dynamic between men and women. Whether it is the initial gaze, praise, attention or recognition, these are all strong components of how a woman's dominance can affect a male ego nor only in bed, but in all aspects of life. This series is his exploration of dominance and the pathways that led America to the Sexual Revolution of the 1960’s.In this collection, Jeremy's mixed media work combines materials such as vintage 40’s, 50’s and 60's magazines, powerful word plays and mirrors to successfully and simultaneously shows the inner, raw sexual psyche combined with the slick mirrored shell surface as the outer sexual gaze. Approaching his work you are enveloped by the awareness of yourself from peering into the mirror, discovering the inner raw material, which is exploring your own ego.